Juçara Pulp 1Kg

Box with 6 units of 1Kg each

Organic product USDA.
Juçara pulp is a product extracted from the edible part of the juçara fruit (Euterpe edulis Mart.) After
softening in water and extraction with water. It is obtained from healthy, fresh and ripe fruits.
Regular juçara pulp is the extracted pulp with addition of water and filtration, presenting above 11 to 14%
of total solids and dense appearance.


Fruits of the Juçara palm and water.

Additional information

NO ALLERGENS present in the ingredients or facilities
Color: Purple or Violet / Purple Purple – PANTONE 747XR Table (476 to 478C, 490 and 491C, 497
and 498C, 4705C, 4696C, 504 and 505U).
Flavor: Not sweet and not sour
Odor: Characteristic
Appearance: Pasty
Due to the use of natural and seasonal raw material, the product may undergo minor changes in color
and taste. After thawing, do not refreeze.
Pulp in accordance with “PORTARIA N°58 AUGUST 30th, 2016 – MAPA-BRASIL”
Best before date: 12 months after manufacture date.
Gluten FREE; Dairy FREE; Dye FREE.


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